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There are those who believe a great deception that Gog and Magog is occurring now. Having been discovered they now try to claim 2 wars of Gog and Magog... calling the later Armageddon, which is not so. It is the Revelation of Jesus Christ that's sets the pattern of all prophecy yet to be fulfilled. Why does any follow the desolate of whom the our Lord Jesus Christ pronounced desolation saying, "Behold your house is left to you desolate"? Why does any follow the desolate of whom our Lord pronounced and fulfilled the destruction of the temple building saying "In 3 days I shall build it anew." Do any believe he was mistaken? Or when the desolate in their rebellion to the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ raised up for themselves a false Messiah by the name of Bar Kokhba, to which He (the Father) made a complete end of Israel and Jerusalem renaming it Palestine and Assyria... destroying 500000+ and scattering them amongst the nations that they should be no more. And now all the world wonders after this little horn that was , is not, yet is. Do you not see what they do, making for themselves the Queen of Heaven that all the world should follow? These workers of iniquity... deceivers all... priests of Babylon who abide not in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ forsaking the truth and deceiving the world as it suits them. I beg of you fast and pray the Father making petition that you may know that it is so! Don't be fooled by evil men/women who corrupt the simplicity which is in Christ. If they were true they would tell you to read John 14 and believe. He promises to reveal Himself. Have you the love of the truth? Do you truly believe you are beholding the Spirit of Christ in these men/women? READ JOHN 14 Believe and do ! In Christ... truly... KNOW THE TRUTH. They may be filled with a spirit... but its not the one you think. Seek God not them... They do not know Jesus !                                          What is the Gosplel of Jesus Christ?                                          Is it the Gospels... Mathew, Mark, Luke and John?                      Is it the letters of Paul or the Epistles of James, Peter, John and Jude?                      Are these "The Gospel of Jesus Christ"?                                           Is it revelation given of the Holy Spirit?                                                              Consider - Selah!                  JOHN 14 (*Verse 21), JOHN 17                   PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE THE READING ROOM
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