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Truth is Life!

Seek Truth,
Speak Truth,
Abide in Truth, always.
How shall we know truth?

In the beginning was the Word
and the Word was with God,
for the Word was God!

And what is the word?

There is one by whom all was,
is and ever shall be. Who’s 
Love created all things,
in whom is all Truth, and no 


What has the Truth to do
	with good and evil?

And what has God to do with

And what has darkness to do 
with light?

For one’s good is another’s
evil, but Truth is niether.

And sin is death,
but God is Love and Life.

Again I ask, What has darkness
to do with light?


Hear and understand.

I would speak to you of Good,
yet, you would consider sin!

I would speak to you of Love
and of the Father and again 
you would consider sin.


For what has the Father to 
do with evil?
And what has Love to do with


There is none Good but the
Father, And if the Love of
the Father is in you, there
is no sin.
What have you to do with sin?


In Truth we judge all things,
But if by the Life of the 
Spirit that is in us, (the
Love of the Father) we judge
not as the world judges,
but as it is in Heaven.

So then, live in peace with
all, and pray for them who
would sin against you.

For sin is judgment in the
world and God is Love in you.
There are them who sin,
in whom there is hope,
and them in whom Truly,
there is only Evil without
For Evil seeks its own good,
of Such is the desolate tree,
The knowledge of good and evil.


Give and it shall be given 
unto you.
What shall we say then?
Shall it be the riches of this

The riches of this world is sin
and they who gather it, gather
sin unto themselves.


Then, what shall we say and 
what shall we do?

Gather unto yourselves the
riches of heaven.
By Faith, abide in the Truth
and Love one another.

Then you will see clearly the
giving and receiving, even
the riches of Heaven.

We, having been created in the
image and likeness of God are 
Sovereign beings, even as God
our Father is Sovereign.


So then, Speak Truth in Love
to all.
Not knowing, in Love be silent
that you might hear.

For truly, if we speak as one
knowing, yet not knowing.
it shall be made righteousness
unto them and sin unto you.

For True Love makes perfect all

If we say, by His blood we are
saved and yet we discern not 
the Truth.

We are liars and we are 
still in our sin.
So says the Lord,
Blessed are those who labor
for Truth And by Love abide


What has darkness to do with