To the shepherds and assemblies of the body of Christ,

I ask that you pray for and promote prayer among you and all the assemblies of the body of Christ for the victims of depravity and darkness in the world. I further ask that you do all that you are able in Christ to help these the least of us. In all your ways abide in the Spirit that is Christ in us'

A. Friend


And remember... We are all brothers and sisters; equal in Christ, none greater than the other. For it is written; "They that would be the greatest shall be the least and the least shall be the greatest in the Kingdom of God".


"Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit", says the Lord.



Iíve provided a banner for this, that we might have it in common: a white field with a black dot in its center with a line going through it.

Make it known that we stand with the Father against the Darkness.

Use it in every way possible among the assemblies of the body of Christ.


The white field represents the assemblies of the body of Christ. The black dot represents the darkness in the world and the line through it; the Work of God dividing the darkness against itself.


The Father will and is performing it.

He will not repent of it and will fulfill all as He has promised.
Look now as the Darkness gathers unto it's self for soon it shall return unto them that perform it.


I Pray that you understand and do as is written hear.

In Christ I ask it!


To the assemblies of the body of Christ, I plead with you to perform it.

If any doubtÖ seek the Witness of the Father.